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    We deeply understand industry standards and leverage powerful tools and time-tested techniques to deliver cost analysis, budget management, compliance support, and performance enhancement.

    Representative services

    Our comprehensive and diverse service offerings paired with our talented team of technical experts ensures clients can stay mission-focused and are able to lead with impact.

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    Cost Estimation and Analysis

    We provide historical data analyses, future cost estimations, and help you strategically allocate resources to enhance your program's success. Learn More
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    Budget and Resource Management

    We offer budget formulation, justification, and execution by combining best practices with comprehensive client experience ensure that budget and resource allocation strategies are tailored to your specific needs. Learn More
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    Business Process Support

    We drive operational excellence for clients by optimizing business performance, transforming risks into opportunities, and implementing strategic initiatives that enhance organizational value and quality.

    Learn More
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    Financial Compliance

    We conduct thorough analyses to uncover and address compliance risks, implementing advanced internal controls that align with regulatory standards to enhance an organization's fiscal practices with precision. Learn More
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    Performance Management and Analysis

    We empower clients by conducting strategic analyses, elevating operational quality and setting higher performance standards. Learn More

    Technical areas of expertise

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    Cost Estimation and Analysis

    Specialties include: Life Cycle Cost Estimating, Cost/Benefit Analysis, Budget Analysis, Investment Analysis, Activity Based Costing (ABC), Cost Recovery Modeling, Price Modeling, Cost Realism, Advisory and Consulting Support

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    Budget and Resource Management Specialties include: Budget Life-cycle Support, Portfolio Formulation Management, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Customer Account and SLA Management, Advisory and Consulting Support
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    Business Process Support

    Specialties include: As-Is and To-Be Process Mapping, Standards Development and Documentation, Advisory and Consulting Support

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    Financial Compliance

    Specialties include: Audit Readiness Support, Compliance Assessments, Policy Analysis and Development, Automated Tool Development, Federal Appropriation, Advisory and Consulting Support

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    Performance Management and Analysis

    Specialties include: Benchmarking, Contract Financials Oversight, Earned Value Management, Pricing Assessments, Working Capital Fund and Cost Recovery Support, Cost Recovery Analysis, Project Performance Management, Advisory and Consulting Support

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    Management Our versatile management consulting practice supports diverse valued problem sets, including physical security, acquisition, and the development, enhancement, and management of secure facilities. Learn More
    Finance Our financial experts deeply understand industry standards and leverage powerful tools and time-tested techniques to deliver cost analysis, budget management, compliance support, and performance enhancement. Get in Touch
    Systems Engineering Our technologists excel across various domains, including tech advancement, DevSecOps, agile program management, acquisition support, application deployment support, and strategic communication. Learn More


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