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Contact Steve Genn at 301.442.7238 or sgenn@markonsolutions.com.

Leaders drive success. Are your next level managers ready to lead?

Emerging leaders are the future of your company. As the company grows, leadership needs expand. You must invest in developing leaders today.

Markon’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) is the key to success for small, government contracting companies achieving growth. Our approach is practical and hands-on with an emphasis on immediate & frequent application.

We teach emerging leaders to:

  • Plan strategically
  • Grow and enhance client relationships
  • Identify and develop great business opportunities
  • Build company culture
  • Develop and manage employees
  • Understand and manage finance

The LDP Course

LDP ArcMonthly, day-long meetings consist of a speaker-led morning workshop on a topic aligned to the Markon Leadership Development Training Arc. The afternoon session is a facilitated peer advisory, coaching session. The year-long course provides:

  • Customized programs
  • Monthly meeting facilitation
  • In-person coaching and peer review

The History

In 2007, Matt Dean started Markon with one contract and nine staff. Since then, the nation experienced an economic recession. The federal government enacted sequestration with significant impact on spending. Thousands of firms did not survive. As Markon celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, the company is financially sound with 45 contracts, over 200 employees, and good prospects for the future. We’ve grown to be larger than 99.5% of firms in the U.S. and maintained consistent profitable revenue growth for ten years.

The Markon Magic

Markon is fortunate to have great clients and excellent employees with strong technical skills who embody our core values. But, most critically, we have grown our leadership team in-house. Our core values and LDP have been our secret sauce. LDP is a unique, customized, training solution that turned a training investment into a competitive advantage. To learn more about training for your company, contact us today!