Sea Level Action Program (SLAP)™

SLAP delivers customized action plans for clients whose facilities are threatened by sea level rise and flooding.


Global sea levels continue to rise at an exponentially faster rate. The international community expects sea levels to rise between 11 and 38 inches by 2100, which is enough to flood the U.S. East Coast. Experts assess that $1.4 trillion worth of property, homes, and businesses, sit within one-eighth of a mile of the U.S. coastline. While rising sea levels are seen as a multifaceted and long-term threat to the global system, little is being done to prepare communities, businesses, and government agencies for the impact it will have on their security, mission, and operations.

Our Solution

Our SLAP program focuses on developing individual action plans for your coastal properties. You’ll will receive a customized assessment of your portfolio and individual facilities to prepare for the lasting impact of sea level rise which could include frequent flooding, land loss, heightened impact of storms, contaminated irrigation water, and damage to infrastructure, electrical, and transportation systems. Our action plan will leave you with more resilient facilities prepared for the future.

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