Localized Decision-Making

Every client project is staffed with experienced Markon leaders who want to make a difference. This skilled, entrepreneurial talent is empowered to be flexible, work independently, and make decentralized decisions on site. Clients benefit from an agile process with faster, better-informed decision-making.

Reachback Support

Markon employees offer and are encouraged to take advantage of peer and mentoring reachback support. Markon employees share best practices, creating a bank of corporate knowledge capital. Clients benefit from a responsive culture that provides localized expertise with organization-wide resources and experience.

Training and Mentoring

By offering employees ongoing training and mentoring opportunities, Markon ensures that its employees are able to advance in their careers and increase their qualifications to handle a greater variety of client needs. Clients benefit from a workforce of dedicated individuals who are continuing to grow and improve.

Dynamic Organizational Structure

Markon’s structure optimally leverages the best skill sets to address the challenges at hand. Employees are empowered to take initiative not just on the client site, but also within Markon’s internal operations. Employees have involvement in the direction of Markon’s future and expanded opportunities to advance their skill sets and their careers, resulting in an 88% retention rate. Clients benefit from skilled talent that is intensely loyal from one project to the next, as well as a highly efficient operating organization.

Corporate Infrastructure

Robust front office support frees Markon employees to focus on projects instead of administrative tasks. Markon’s employees are able to give clients the intense focus they need and deserve. Clients also benefit from Markon’s top-tier financial and recruiting platforms.


Markon encourages employees to take leadership roles outside the company in support of our commitment to philanthropy. Employees exercise leadership in philanthropic organizations by championing their own initiatives through the Markon Cares Philanthropy Program–a budgeted expense that provides financial support to worthwhile causes.