03 Aug LDP Session with Clearing President Chris McGoff

The months keep flying by and we are already in our fourth session of LDP. This month featured a thought-provoking morning with the charismatic president of the Clearing, Chris McGoff. Chris is also the author of The Primes and previously co-owned the Touchstone Consulting Group. Chris focused on several of the primes including Leader vs Leading. Leader is just a title while leading involves setting direction, aligning resources, inspiring action, and being responsible for the results. He went on to discuss the Say -> Do prime and how peak performance leaders maintain integrity (“you are your word”). Following that, he discussed how to address a personal breach of integrity–admit breach, apologize, and request forgiveness.

We discussed how the term ‘try’ has no meaning and when someone says they’ll try, they are really saying ‘no’. Chris reminded everyone that listening is the only gift we really have and to strive for deep listening. In closing, he talked about Enrollment and then the gift of Feedback.

The class thoroughly enjoyed the session which Chris ended with the reminder that “Principles don’t make leadership easy it just makes them distinct.” The Clearing sessions and the Primes offers some foundational principles for the LDP and Markon.
LDP 2017

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