05 Jul 2016-2017 LDP Class #3

The LDP had our third monthly meeting on Friday, June 24. We continued our pursuit of enhanced self-awareness as we progressed along the Markon Leadership Continuum. Leigh kicked it off with a TED Talk by Dan Gallagher on self-awareness and a discussion/recap of our quarterly leadership meeting the previous evening (LDP members had been invited to attend). Steve then took us through a primer on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). We discussed the history and foundation of the assessment followed by a discussion of our reported MBTI type versus our verified type. We spent the rest of the morning session on exercises exploring the differences in the pairs:

  • How we direct and receive energy – extrovert vs introvert
  • How we take in information – sensing vs intuition
  • How we decide and come to conclusions – thinking vs feeling
  • How we approach the outside world – judging vs perceiving

We finished the morning with an action plan of how we will use this knowledge of enhanced self-awareness in our leadership roles.

Following lunch, Leigh facilitated a good peer advisory session. Next month, Chris McGoff from the Clearing will join us for what is typically the most popular session of the year.

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