16 Jun Brand Protection is the Future Focus of Security (Part 1 of 4)

TrustedEvery day, we are faced with new threats – traditional and emerging. These threats may focus on cyber or physical, but may also include much more. When we consider protecting an organization, we must do it holistically. There is no point closing one door and leaving another open. Our adversaries are persistent and move from one tactic to another until they find success. When we look at security, we are looking at the reputation of our brand.

Consumers, or users, of your company have expectations. They expect that your company can deliver what it promises, but they also expect that their information will be safe. To meet these critical expectations, organizations must employ a strategy that includes protecting the customer, the employee, and the company simultaneously. Protecting these three pillars will naturally result in a foundation for protecting the brand’s reputation.

Brand reputation has a cause and effect relationship with the way the enterprise acts. The table below highlights some notional events (physical and/or cyber) that ultimately result in a loss of confidence in the brand. The resulting loss of confidence will likely result in a loss of revenue and, in turn, a loss of investor confidence and destabilization of the company.


In the next three posts, we will examine brand protection in a more concentrated way and the impact it has on organizational security.

Leigh Valudes

Leigh Valudes leads the Solutions Division, which focuses on Markon’s core competencies—Facilities, Acquisition, Finance, and Security. He is responsible for quality control, branded solutions, and Markon University. During his 19-year consulting experience, Mr. Valudes developed expertise in strategic planning, mission analysis, requirements programming, facilities project management, design and construction management, business operations, and strategic marketing. For most of his career, Mr. Valudes has been embedded directly with the client at secure government sites, providing owner representative services to agencies such as DoD, DIA, ODNI, NRO, DHS, FBI, and GSA. He has also supported commercial, state and local governments, and university clients. During his first five years with Markon, Mr. Valudes served as Program Manager for one of Markon’s largest contracts, the Intelligence Community Campus – Bethesda (ICC-B), leading an on-site 18-person program management team to redevelop the former National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Headquarters. Before joining Markon, Mr. Valudes supported world-class programs such as the $5.5B Pentagon Renovation Program and the $4B DHS Headquarters Campus Program. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware majoring in both government and history and graduated from American University’s Washington National Semester Program with a focus on national and foreign policy. Mr. Valudes is a Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds a LEED AP certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).