03 Mar WELL building expertise another first from Markon

Markon Solutions is on track to be the Washington, DC region’s first WELL-certified commercial interior project. Certification is planned for the first phase (1,905 square feet) of the second-floor tenant fit-out, which will total 5,000 square feet when all phases are complete.

“Going through the WELL process, we’ve learned the challenges and hurdles that exist with such a new certification. We’re educating our vendors on the standards and the products necessary to be compliant,” said Ray Carney, vice president of Markon. The project was registered Feb. 1.

As of Feb. 24. 2016, there are currently 107 registered projects worldwide with seven achieving certification. Seventy-seven of the 107 projects, including Markon’s project, are office space construction projects according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

WELL building standards are where the wellness and real estate industries merge. The focus is on human health and wellness in a space. The payoff comes in recruitment, retention, productivity, and reduced HR costs.

Markon is planning to do more than just certify its space. “We are hoping to take the expertise and relationships we’ve developed here and, in turn, coach other firms/organizations through this process.”

Markon plans to use their new office space to showcase WELL features. Plaques located throughout the space will educate visitors on the seven WELL principals and explain the significance of each feature. “Employee wellness is incredibly important to Markon. We are thrilled that there is finally a certification that focuses on the most important element of a building—the human occupants,” said Carney.

Phase one is scheduled to be completed mid-2016.

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