08 Feb Thank You to Christine Clapp of Spoken with Authority

In 2015, Ray Carney kicked off a coaching and learning initiative with Christine Clapp. Christine launched Spoken with Authority to focus on mentoring individuals and groups with speech planning and execution. Christine is the author of Presenting at Work: A Guide to Public Speaking in Professional Contexts and has been teaching at George Washington University since 2001.

Christine provided outstanding feedback and techniques to Ray over the course of their four-month engagement. Throughout the sessions, they discovered that Ray’s primary issue as a speaker was lack of comfort with silence and slowing down. As Ray got comfortable pausing, many of the “junk words” (such as ah, um, and like) were removed from his delivery. Christine also provided a outlining techniques, active learning tools, and a few other proprietary tricks.

Christine and Ray specifically worked together on his briefing to the Markon October 2015 All Hands, a Client Presentation for SCRUM Training, the O3 course of the Leadership Development Program, and the WELL presentation. Ray looks forward to working with Spoken with Authority again in 2016; hopefully sharing the experience with others at Markon.

Markon sends a huge thank you to Christine for all of her support to Ray this past year!

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