09 Feb Leadership Development Program Update: Executive Wine Tasting and The Clearing Topics of Culture and Strategy

In December, the Leadership Development Program (LDP) covered three important topics: Public Speaking, Setting up Teams, and Executive Wine Tasting. In regards to Public Speaking, the team read and discussed the book Talk Like Ted: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo. We end LDP with a round of Leader presentations, so covering this content was a great introduction and primer to the March session. Setting up Teams was a focus on the Agile SCRUM methodology where an intentional process and set of meetings is used to flow work through a team. The Executive Wine Tasting was held at Virginia Dominion Wine and Beer. The team enjoyed a training session on how to taste and evaluate wine. This was our third trip to Dominion Wine and Beer. Every year, Arash does an amazing job putting everything together for us!

In January, we held this group’s final session with Jen VanMeter from The Clearing. As a blizzard was approaching, the team learned about Culture and Strategy focusing on the following Primes:  Ennoblement, Ought, Culture, Enactment, Declaration, and Moral Courage. This was our second LDP class working with Jen and the program has grown exponentially under her guidance and leadership. As we get into the most advanced leadership topics, The Clearing has proven to be the ideal partner for Markon’s LDP. Jen is seen in the picture holding up one of her parting gifts, a signed framed photo from the LDP class of 2016. Thank you, Jen!

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