01 Dec Leadership Development Program Studies Power and Behavioral Interviews

Leadership educational breakthroughs continue to occur on a monthly basis at Markon’s Leadership Development Program (LDP). In November, The Clearing’s Jen VanMeter and Anna-Ruth Beckman presented the topic of POWER. Power included the following Primes:  POWER, Sources of Power, Blind Men and the Elephant, Levels of Perspective, Core Prime, Right vs. Right, Redpoint, and Muda. The group became very inspired and left with a new perspective of Power and how to lead others or teams. In the afternoon, Steve Genn led a follow-on session on behavioral interviewing, including some techniques to spot a person who isn’t exactly truthful in their interview answers. Steve started the behavioral interviewing session in October, when LDP also learned about One-on-One (O3) meetings and project financials from Ray Carney.

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