27 May Third Class of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) Kicks Off

The third class of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) kicked off in April. Our LDP group includes Matt Drown, Caroline Alexander, Eric Sterud, Diana Jeffries, Ivan Burkett, Joel Timmins, Teresa Hueg, Faron Smith, Randy Ruff, Tom Waltrip, and Eric Hammerschmidt. Our partnership with The Clearing continues for this next session. The purpose of the Leadership Development Program is to increase Markon’s leadership capabilities and develop our emerging leaders. In April, we conducted a number of ice breakers, held general program discussion, reviewed our Meyer’s Briggs results, and developed a Personal Vision statement for a year long Key Performance Indicator (KPI).  In May, we were led through a session on Self Awareness and Leadership by Jen Vanmeter and Kevin Clark. Topics included the Leading, Confusion, Perimeter, Be, Facts/Stories/Beliefs, and Integrity Primes. We look forward to another great year of the LDP and are very excited to go even deeper in leadership learning with Jen and The Clearing.

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