07 Apr Markon University’s Leadership Development Program

In March, we held a graduation ceremony for the second class of Markon University’s Leadership Development Program (LDP).  The 2014-2015 LDP class included the following Leaders:

  • Jason Fisher
  • Nick Hellman
  • Julie Husson
  • Scotte MacQueen
  • Ron Shively
  • Chris Stevenson
  • Jim Turner
  • Lee White

Each Leader provided a less than 18 minute briefing on a leadership topic as part of the final learning day.  The topics varied from Leading in Emergency Situations, Personality Types, and Farming Hops.  Each individual reached within their own leadership experiences to present a topic with expertise.

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 LDP class.  Markon University is proud to give you the title of Certified Leader as you join the esteemed LDP alumni group. 

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