11 Dec Markon at the SAME Trade Show

From December 9 through the 11th Markon Solutions was in attendance at the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Small Business Conference in Kansas City, MO. the SAME Conference was a great an opportunity for Markon to display the expertise and experience they have been providing to their customers for years. in addition, the SAME Conference included a chance for Markon to meet with leaders from NAVFAC, Air Force,  the Small Business Administration (SBA), General Services Administration (GSA), Veterans Administration (VA), Department of Commerce (DOC) and the Department of Energy (DOE). Topics such as upcoming business opportunities and tips on competing for contracts were addressed. The conference also provided networking sessions to help connect small businesses with public agencies and large businesses.




Markon Solutions

Founded in 2007, Markon Solutions is a nationally recognized consulting firm headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. With employees in seven states and overseas, we support the intelligence community, defense and civil sectors, as well as commercial clients. Markon specializes in facilities support, financial management, acquisition management, and security consulting services. For more information, visit www.markonsolutions.com.