09 Dec 2013 Markon Employee Awards

Congratulations to our 2013 Employee Recognition Award Winners!

Teamwork Award: Julie Husson

The teamwork award is for the employee who goes above and beyond to help other Markon employees succeed and make their lives easier or better.  We had several individuals who fit this definition but Julie Husson stood out. She participates in all our corporate team events. She has been actively involved in helping colleagues prepare for professional certifications and she has been active in attending professional conferences. Julie went above and beyond to take a leadership role in helping Markon determine the right conferences to attend next year and she has also taken on a leadership role in the Ambassador program.

Professional Development Award: Nick Hellman

Our Professional Development award typical goes to an employee who either excels with professional certifications, continuing education, training or has made tremendous strides in their leadership or client delivery skills.  This year our award goes to someone who has done a great job in both areas. Nick Hellman has taken on the role of deputy program manager for our largest contract, supported proposals outside his current contract, and taken on the leadership role for one of our 2014 strategic goals. In addition to his client workload, he had the dedication to complete his degree.

Business Development Award: Jason Fisher

This year our business development award went to Jason Fisher.  Business development is not  actually Jason’s main job, however he led specific proposal efforts with minimal support from others. He was also a key contributor to winning an IDIQ at a major client and then helping to win two different task orders. Jason was instrumental in helping us win a contract extension for a major client. He was the champion in tracking our business development progress and scoring for each individual market that we compete in. Throughout the year Jason also monitored the hundreds of notices we receive on contract vehicles such as Seaport-e and e-buy.

Client Service Award: Joey Harrington and Renee Collins

This year we had so many different people provide exceptional service to our many clients, we decided we would hand out two different client service awards.

In many cases we ask employees to represent Markon at their client site on their own. This can be a very difficult position to be placed in. In the words of our client, Joey Harrington, “carries the entire team on his back, he is our rock.” This kind of feedback from our customers is so important in helping Markon establish a good reputation throughout the community. Joey works extremely hard for our client and has made significant strides on the technical side of the business. He is an exceptional example of the kind of talent Markon likes to present to the client.

Our second recipient has excelled in a difficult Markon client environment – a prima donna client who expects the world from us. Renee’s attention to details and strong mission focus are superb. She takes tenant “requirements”, no matter how unreasonable and turns them into reality- showing a tremendous respect for our clients and their mission needs.She turns an impossible project schedule into reality for our clients. She has worked weekends just to make sure the tenants space is perfect by the time they show up on Monday morning, doing all necessary tasks both large and small.

 Employee of the Year Award: Dave Morrison

Our employee of the year has done it all this year. Dave Morrison served as our on-site client lead for a major customer.  The customer conveyed that he was simply a superstar. He has been an active member of the Leadership Development Program and is seeking to become a more effective Markon leader. He has been involved in multiple proposals this year including helping us win our first re-compete. The re-compete was for a client we have had since Markon’s  beginning. He has also been involved in corporate issues such as helping with the management of the 401K program. Dave is a valuable contributor at every corporate meeting he attends.



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