28 May Facilities Support Services

Operations keeps the lights on, and facilities strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that keeps the whole organization moving forward

In other words, successful facilities planning and project execution must solve problems rather than create them.

That’s exactly how we at Markon think about the business problems our clients face in managing their real estate and facilities, and it’s why our clients keep coming back to us, to act as their representative in managing their programs, construction projects, and operations.

To our clients, every need is pressing and every outcome is critical.  They’ve found that whether the project is in the planning, design, construction, or operations phase – Markon will respond with a reliable, effective, and efficient solution.  We aim for high performance solutions in every assignment, delivered by trusted employees in partnership with our clients – whether public or private sector.

This is our first blog post introducing the Facilities Support service line at Markon.  In the future, we’ll use this blog as an opportunity to talk about our passion for service by highlighting our projects, our values, and our people.  We hope that you will enjoy the information we share about our approach to facilities services and about the well-earned client recognition that comes our way.

Markon Solutions

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